Gestión parroquial


A digital directory and management for your parish


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Gestión Parroquial (Parish Management) is a program designed to help parish leaders keep track of parishioners from a computer, making it easier to perform any of the tasks that would otherwise be done by hand.

The program is very simple: it allows you to create a profile for each parishioner, where you can add personal data, the dates they receive sacraments, or the catechism classes they've participated in.

It's a useful tool for straightforwardly creating and managing documents and certifications. In the 'Documents' sections, you'll find templates for everything you need, including baptism certificates, certificates of attendance, and others. Just select a parishioner's file, and the program will automatically enter their data into the template of the document to be generated.

Gestión Parroquial also has two agendas that will help you organize catechism classes and students. The first is an agenda for scheduled classes, which uses colors to display dates that are free, busy, or fully booked. The second is an agenda of all the catechism classes taught in the parish, so you can easily manage the assistants and archives of classes that have already been taught.

You can password-protect the program so that data about your parishioners is kept safe. You can also use the program to create and restore backup copies of its database, so you'll never run the risk of losing an important document or file.
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